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An ideal way for your guests to start their meal, or enjoy our appetizers on their own. Price is $23.95 per dozen.

Petit Fours AssortmentPetit Fours Assortment Petit Fours "Coffee Lovers"Petit Fours "Coffee Lovers"
Portobello Puffs LargePortobello Puffs Large Stuffed New Potato with BaconStuffed New Potato with Bacon
Smoked Salmon LollipopsSmoked Salmon Lollipops Shrimp & Andouille Sausage KabobsShrimp & Andouille Sausage Kabobs
French Onion Soup in a Mini Bread BouleFrench Onion Soup in a Mini Bread Boule Tandoori Chicken SatayTandoori Chicken Satay
Thai Peanut Chicken SatayThai Peanut Chicken Satay  

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